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Looking for all the Right Places!!

Here at Oraphim we silver infuse the shungite and make Uniquely Stunning Pieces just for you. 


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Oraphim Shungite Solutions

Testimonial: ‘I bought some Oraphim Shungite jewelry. My mum has myeloma 

and has had deranged bloods and all treatment stopped. 

Since wearing Shungite her platelets have shot up, we can’t think of any other reason 

& I had good results with my arthritis’ 

4G 50ghrtz & 5g 60ghrtz and why shungite is the answer:

  • 60ghrtz 5G is the frequency that boils water molecules inside the body (of everything): Shungite stops ‘Necrosis’ which is the overheating of the body's cells
  • Wifi frequencies damage the myelin sheath that is the coating for our bodies nervous system: Shungite is an anti-histamine, this repairs the myelin sheath that covers our nerves that are damaged by Electromagnetic frequencies
  • Within the telecommunications towers a ‘harmonizing filter’ (aka shunt/CoVFeFe) is used to correct the frequency of the damaging electromagnetic frequencies by reversing them, shungite reverses frequencies that have a left-hand direction to them to make them spin in line with nature this creates harmony within the environment and the body.
  • Using Oraphim silver infused shungite makes your devices, that are emitting the received signals safe to be around.
  • The shunt harmonizing filters are made from an annealed magnetic alloy, shungite is also an annealed magnetic compound, silver infused Shungite creates a natural magnetic field around it that is the solution to electromagnetic disturbances
  • Where there is an unnatural square wave spinning in opposition to nature, silver infused shungite creates perfect harmony sine waves that enhance positivity and well-being.  
  • Shungite is a quantum adaptogen, this results in truly tailored individual outcomes, as the quantum energy infuses with your personal electrical signature, it does a system sweep and configures the exact required remedy, which it then delivers, this is all achieved by wearing an Oraphim Shungite piece of jewelry. 
  • Shungite amplifies states of wellness and positivity, with our beings resulting in extraordinary transformational experiences, with those struggling with difficult health conditions we have many testimonials of amazing changes, to others enjoying new heights of well-being & as I like to explain it: experiencing the icing on your own cake!
  • Shungite is most well-known for its abilities to purify water and is even proven to remove radiation from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster ‘s contaminated water.

Our website contains lots of information about shungite, helpful video's, a store page for purchasing, with links to our other online marketplaces, resources pages with links to scientific publications we find useful as reference material. 

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There's a lot to learn about shungite, so we do our best to break it down with our post!

Shungite- Your Quantum Solution to EMF'S & Water Purification + More....

This amazing mineraloid is so versatile it works without actually being in contact to water, 

as it create a field around it!

And being electrically conductive it's the perfect partner to create bio-compatible wifi-mobile signals too.

"Great way to incorporate powerful shungite reactions into your life. I have put these stickers on many items around the house and now we've been sleeping better." Christopher on 18 Mar, 2019

Oraphim are dedicated to bringing you a wide selection of shungite solutions that have amazing results, are functional, affordable and stunningly beautiful too.

 "I absolutely love this gorgeous EMF protecting Shungite pendant!! 💚 It is stunning and a nice weight without being heavy. It's a unique piece and comes with a feel good factor knowing I'm protected 💛"

Maya on 14 Sep, 2018

The C60-Bucky Ball & where does all the magic come from:

The Nobel Prize winning 'Fullerene' C60 molecule is found in nature in shungite stones, 'Fullerene' molecules are emitting from these Shungite stones - At Oraphim, we call it 'The Miracle Molecule' and want to share with you it's many life changing properties, that are also proven by many scientists and medical professionals and user led testimonials. 

We will share with you lots of differents applications for shungite and starting with why using shungite water for drinking, cooking, bathing is so beneficial and cost effective: Shungite clears chlorine from water as well as other toxins  & bacteria, it restructures 'dead water whilst remineralising it, Shungite removes free radicals from the body, Shungite lowers the surface tension in water allowing for better hydration and cellular cleansings & adds healing fullerenes which collect in your liver & kidneys supporting these vital organs.

Also we will help you understand the best uses for different shungite products preparations to aid & protect you.  By using silver infused Shungite for reversing the non-biocompatible electromagnetic fields in all your environments & from mobile devices, now easily and affordably achieved  with Oraphim's Shungite stickers and beautiful jewellery too. 


'The Miracle Molecule'

Testing Shungite for protection against Emf's is not as easy as using an Emf Meter because our products are not blocking emf's

 (you want your wifi to work..not be blocked.)  

We used Kirlian Photography to show the electrical field of Laura in the picture above had been completely transformed, the photos were taken 90 minutes  aparts, we have others tests showing is instant effect on Emf frequencies.

Shungite is emitting energy from the quantum field, this quantum connection is instantaneous, connecting with your heart energy and links your being with our home Earth.

Beautifully engaging your hearts desires with your potential to experience them here, in this life time and with our planet Gaia...what could be more wonderfilled!


'I absolutely love this gorgeous EMF protecting Shungite pendant!! 💚 It is stunning and a nice weight without being heavy. It's a unique piece and comes with a feel good factor knowing I'm protected 💛

Cassie has been so helpful answering all my questions. The service was impeccable and super fast delivery too'

Maya Reddy 2018


Oraphim Studio

At the Oraphim Studio, we are always excited to be working with shungite, whether it's making unique hand made jewellery, to one of a kind Pyramids, cloud busters or beautiful balls & Bowls there's always something creative in the making!

Try this for an explanation....

To help you understand shungite a little better, imagine there's a cloud round the stickers, that cloud is antibacterial & antiviral, now imagine that there's a cloud round you, that cloud is antibacterial & antiviral, now this happens to actually be true, because when you wear shungite it's little cloud infusses itself throughout the bigger cloud of things that are electric, which you are, so your cloud is antibacterial & antiviral cloud that you cant shake or wash off, this cloud from the shungite is actually a quantum energy from the quantum field, it's intelligence is healing areas of us that are out of alignment, and enhancing areas of us that are well, so you get to experience your potential best, i hope that explanation helps, from Cassie

Our Blog

NEWS from us!

Deluxe Shungite Starter Kits are now available....with a bit of everything in it!

July 4th 2019

Aura Changing PENDANTS!

July 4th 2019

Amazing result with a kirlian Photography and Shungite experiment, with a starting aura mostly green Laura wore one of our pendants for around 2 hours then was photographed again to WOW Green aura!!!


July 4th 

These very special solid shungite bowls just get more special after they've be in our studio, totally unique beautiful pieces!