Oraphim's Range Includes

Emf Protection stickers

Simplest solution to solve the harmful Emf mobile frequencies that devices emit, which are super cost effective too!

Shungite Jewelry

Protection from Emf's and harmful frequencies and stunningly beautiful also, as well as being beneficial on a whole deeper level! 

Shungite Magnets

Detoxing food and extending its shelf life at the same time!

they also seem to lower your energy bill as well.....

Water Purification Stones

Simple Shungite Stones for health and wellbeing, toxin removal and great tasting tap water at last!

Welcome to Oraphim

 Oraphim's special formula has shungite powder from Zazhoginskoje, Karelia (certificated) infused with vortexed silver, this keeps open the quantum door, for the shungite to access the quantum energy field continuously.  Shungite is the fastest spinning thing known to man, thus aiding the natural EMF and radiation protection which shungite provides, we then use a non toxic resin to create the piezoelectric squeeze on the shungite that you get with orgonite, we do this in many of our products.

  How Shungite Works:

Shungite is attenuating the frequencies it encounters, reversing their spin, shungite itself spins at 20,000 revolutions per second (fastest thing known to man, currently) so because if this fact, in our opinion there’s can be no way that any frequency can stay in their negative and harmful state, with each year exciting research is making great scientific advances in the field of C60 carbon and Shungite applications.

'I absolutely love this gorgeous EMF protecting Shungite pendant!! 💚 It is stunning and a nice weight without being heavy. It's a unique piece and comes with a feel good factor knowing I'm protected 💛

Cassie has been so helpful answering all my questions. The service was impeccable and super fast delivery too'

Maya Reddy 2018


Oraphim Studio

At the Oraphim Studio, we are always excited to be working with shungite, whether it's making uniques hand made jewellery, to one of a kind Pyramids, cloud busters or beautiful balls there's always something on the go!

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NEWS from us!

Deluxe Shungite Starter Kits are now available....with a bit of everything in it!

July 4th 2019

Aura Changing PENDANTS!

July 4th 2019

Amazing result with a kirlian Photography and Shungite experiment, with a starting aura mostly green Laura wore one of our pendants for around 2 hours then was photographed again to WOW Green aura!!!


July 4th 

These very special solid shungite bowls just get more special after they've be in our studio, totally unique beautiful pieces!

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