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The Nobel Prize winning 'Fullerene' C60 molecule is found in nature in shungite stones, 'Fullerene' molecules are emitting from these Shungite stones - At Oraphim, we call it 'The Miracle Molecule' and want to share with you it's many life changing properties, that are also proven by many scientists and medical professionals and user led testimonials. 

We will share with you lots of differents applications for shungite and starting with why using shungite water for drinking, cooking, bathing is so beneficial and cost effective: Shungite clears chlorine from water as well as other toxins  & bacteria, it restructures 'dead water whilst remineralising it, Shungite removes free radicals from the body, Shungite lowers the surface tension in water allowing for better hydration and cellular cleansings & adds healing fullerenes which collect in your liver & kidneys supporting these vital organs.

Also we will help you understand the best uses for different shungite products preparations to aid & fully protect you.  By using silver infused Shungite for reversing the non-biocompatible electromagnetic fields in all your environments & from mobile devices, now easily and affordably achieved  with Oraphim's Shungite stickers and beautiful jewellery too! 


'The Miracle Molecule'

Testing Shungite for protection against Emf's is not as easy as using an Emf Meter because our products are not blocking emf's (you want your wifi to work..not be blocked!)  

We used Kerlian Photography to show the electrical field of Laura in the picture above had been completely transformed, the photos were taken 90 minutes  aparts, we have others tests showing is instant effect on Emf frequencies.

Shungite is emitting energy from the quantum field, this quantum connection is instantaneous, connecting with your heart energy and links your being with our home Earth.

Beautifully engaging your hearts desires with your potential to experience them here, in this life time and with our planet Gaia...what could be more wonderfilled!!!


Oraphim's Range Includes

Emf Protection stickers

Simplest solution to solve the harmful Emf mobile frequencies that devices emit, which are super cost effective too!

Shungite Jewelry

Protection from Emf's and harmful frequencies and stunningly beautiful also, as well as being beneficial on a whole deeper level! 

Shungite Magnets

Detoxing food and extending its shelf life at the same time!

they also seem to lower your energy bill as well.....

Water Purification Stones

Simple Shungite Stones for health and wellbeing, toxin removal and great tasting tap water at last!

Ascension Tools

Stunning Pyramids and Quantum Connecting Balls to transform your health & meditation. Often instant sensations that just blow your expectations and settle your soul!

Soaps & Balms

Teaming up with Susie from Alchemisty to produce an organic range of aura cleansing and multi use skin salves  to sooth your burns, bites, scrapes & scratches, whilst washing away negativity and soaking in shungite star dust bath fizz!  

Shungite Powders: All three...

Top tips for integrating even more shungite into your life...with more ideas to inspire you and your shungite adventure!

Shungite Talk By Cassie September 2019

Covering the basics of using shungite, where it comes from, to the latest information on the silver infused products and how beneficial they are, with questions answered from the group.

Welcome to Oraphim

 Oraphim's special formula has shungite powder from Zazhoginskoje, Karelia (certificated) infused with 99.9% liquified silver, this special process assists the natural frequency attenuating (reversing) properties of shungite, taking the square waves that are emitted from mobile phones/modern technology & wifi and reversing them, resulting in transforming them into naturally occuring sine waves, which are now spinning in harmony with your bodies frequency sine wave, and these new waves are altered permanently, making you a living transformer wherever you are!

This silver infusing process has been developed by Nancy L. Hopkins and Walt Silver at cosmic reality.net, Nancy L. Hopkins describes the results of this process as shungite is now keeping open the quantum door, for the shungite to access the quantum energy field continuously, resulting in all products never needing to be 'earthed'.

Shungite is the fastest spinning thing known to science so far, measured at 20 billion times a second, and another amazing fact is that shungite has every single element of the periodic table with in as well as helium 3. ( which only originates from space....)

  How Shungite Works:

Shungite is attenuating (reversing) the frequencies within the field of  'fullerene' molecules, creating an active cloud/field which can be felt as a strange magnetic resistance when two are placed close to each other, this field/cloud weakens the strength of the harmful right handed spinning toxins of chemicals or frequences before changing their direction, this is true both for airborne and fluids such as drinks and toxins in water toxins it encounters, reversing their spin, shungite itself spins at 20,000 revolutions per second (fastest thing known to man, currently) with each passing year exciting research is making great scientific advances in the field of C60 carbon and Shungite applications for example Rice University has teamed up with the fukushima Nuclear Accident site and they say the radiated pools of water have tested clean after using Shungite!

Where's Shungite From:

Shungite is an amazing stone found in Russia -This particular part of Finland was annexed by the Russian government after the second world war, so they now own the shungite deposit which is an area covering approximately 1000 square kilometers and is the only natural form of C60, in 1996 Professors Kroto, Smalley, & Curl were awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the ‘fullerene’ now found in Shungite

'I absolutely love this gorgeous EMF protecting Shungite pendant!! 💚 It is stunning and a nice weight without being heavy. It's a unique piece and comes with a feel good factor knowing I'm protected 💛

Cassie has been so helpful answering all my questions. The service was impeccable and super fast delivery too'

Maya Reddy 2018


Oraphim Studio

At the Oraphim Studio, we are always excited to be working with shungite, whether it's making uniques hand made jewellery, to one of a kind Pyramids, cloud busters or beautiful balls there's always something on the go!

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Deluxe Shungite Starter Kits are now available....with a bit of everything in it!

July 4th 2019

Aura Changing PENDANTS!

July 4th 2019

Amazing result with a kirlian Photography and Shungite experiment, with a starting aura mostly green Laura wore one of our pendants for around 2 hours then was photographed again to WOW Green aura!!!


July 4th 

These very special solid shungite bowls just get more special after they've be in our studio, totally unique beautiful pieces!

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