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Call Cassie for Shungite Questions Answered,  Product Advice,  Workshop Bookings   0776 270 3578


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About & Contact Us

Richard Spray & Cassie Limb

Oraphim Limited 

(company Reg No. 126151157)

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PHONE NUMBER: 0776 270 3578

A little insight into Oraphim...

Our intention is to make Shungite information and products available, in easy, useable, affordable and stunningly beautiful forms, and to bring Shungites' magical properties to the masses with our very personal approaches and be a part of the shungite solution for all sentient life forms & for all beautiful environments to thrive and experience their potential best through this quantum connection.

Oraphim Intro Videos:

Cassie Limb & Fullerene's through time.

Oraphim Cassie explains her journey working with the fullerene molecule, and shows examples of it appearing through time...

Cassie trained & worked as a Community Arts & Health Engagement Practitioner and Community Development Worker & Artist in residence, in many settings, including various projects with Sheffield University (UK) as an External Collaborator & with a variety Dr’s & Professors, devising & delivering many medical educational exhibits & teaching tools & artworks.

With a focus on empowering others Cassie devised and delivered many art projects which ranged from community workshops to reopening derelict buildings for community use, She also ran a printing service along side exhibiting nationally & internationally, Cassie is also a published Poet, and Guest speaker.

Richard Spray Musical Journey

Oraphim Richard explains his journey to balance and creativity through his journey through music and frequency study.

Rich featured on BBC Radio Sheffield's 'Healing Powers of Music' and undertaken commissions for exhibitions for Sheffield University

Richard, in his past has made many proof of concept 'free energy' over unity devices, including Tesla coils, earth battery's, radiant energy devices & is an energy sensitive empath. Rich was an Operating Theater Technician in Sheffield UK, responsible for the workings of all the machines involved in life saving & child birthing operations. During his employment Richard was part of a team testing & introducing the 'Cell Saver' equipment, which separates blood and amniotic fluid through vortexing, delivering the cleaned blood straight back to the patient during an operation. 


Thank you Susie for making amazing balms & soap

Thank you Julie for putting the stickers together

Thank you Graham for aiding the Pyramid making

Thank you Solly for putting the 'Easy Earthers' together

Thank you Victoria For your excellent silversmithing

New property needed for Oraphim expansion:

Oraphim is looking for a new place to live/work in 2021...

We are looking to rent (at reasonable market rates) a property that can accommodate our creativity & development 

We require workshop/garage space as well as office and living space, 

somewhere fairly rural, but location is not so important 

If you have something that ticks our boxes and wish to have an exciting business located there,

 please do get in touch.

Donation to Support Shungite Research Equipment

Oraphim is a self funded project run By Cassie Limb & Richard Spray.  To develop our project we make money available from the sale of our items, making research videos as we go, but further Shungite Research requires extra funds to be able to buy specific equipment, our wish list includes:

Thermography Equipment (£300 hire fee)

Geiger Radiation Counter (£200)

Life force meter (£500)

Energy Consumption Testing equipment (£100)

For example to show the changes in the electrical field that occur for a person we paid for the kerlian photographs to be taken, we want to be testing the changes in radioactivity,  temperature, energy efficiency and the effects on our wellbeing to.

If supporting this work interests you or you can lend equipment to help further this work we would be appreciate your input greatly.