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Oraphim Ltd

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Shungite Orgonite Cloud Busters

These Powerful pieces are made to order, with silver infused shungite, Black Tourmaline, very high quality metal shavings and quartz crystals, a physical gentle breeze is felt blowing out of the tops of the copper pipes... 

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Videos detailing the making and using of these cloud busters:

Silver Infused Shungite Cloud Buster & Transformation Kit

made by Oraphim

This Kit includes matching Oraphim pyramid for your home

12 shungite stickers for putting on your home/work radiators for a shungite harmonious quantum space

We also provide you with a print of the schumann resonance from the day that the cloud buster was made made so you can see the frequency changes that correspond with the time it was made.

Ingredients in this cloud buster are 5 quartz crystals, Black Tourmaline, silver infused shungite powder, resin, Iron, aluminium brass and copper filings, copper pipes 2 meters tall (22mm) and Loads of Love.

The Ionic silver infused shungite is extremely powerful and enhances the qualities of the other ingredients/elements, silver infused shungite is the substance that is a gate to the quantum field energy to flow in to this realm to transform with sentient intelligence the left hand frequencies permanently to spin to the right creating biocompatible positive vibrations.

There is a little wind coming out of the top of the pipes, most people can feel it which surprises them, but that's the energy that's being channeled up the pipes!

We are very happy to answer questions you may have regarding the use of shungite with these devices, so please do get in touch.

Beautiful and powerful, the 'field' coming off it was treemendous, and the night after it was made i was woken by an enormous clap and instantaneously transported to the ground below the device, i then traveled at speed on the light wave that rippled out from it!

A truly amazing experience.

Other feedback for our cloudbusters has been amazing, from one gentleman had a surprise house move within one month of getting them, moving to a place not surrounded by 'smart meters' which was his wish, other experiences has had trapped spirits being released from a place that was 'eerie' to being 'fresh' bright and cleared up with the negative entities ...gone!

Mini Cloudbuster

Rich explains the mini cloudbuster and how to work with them.

cloud buster, oraphim

I attach a picture of the positioning of the organite device in my garden. The pyramid is in place on it.

August 2018

Blessings,   Dr. Roger D.