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We absolutely love showing people how to experience the power of shungite, so at our stall & events we have devised a few hands-on experiments which help people immensely grow their knowledge and understanding of this precious resource, our range of stock on our stall is always the best we can provide with great prices as you've saved on p & p too!!!   

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Upcoming Shows

Best range of our products and beautiful Jewelry and prices available at these events

 Sat/Sun 19/20 Oct '19 

10-5pm Chester Health Healing festival

 Fri/Sat/Sun 1st-3rd Nov '19 

Mind, body, Spirit @ NEC Birmingham

 Sat/Sun16 Nov '19 

10-5pm Matlock Rainbow fayre

 Sun 24th  Nov '19 

10-5pm Grenoside, sheffield Mind body spirit

 Sat 1st feb 2020 

10-4pm Shungite jewelry making workshop in Wath

 Sat/sun 22-23 feb 2020 

10-4pm Spirit Sanctuary-The Spiritual Awakening Festival - Mansfield

 Sat/Sun 21-22 March 2020 

10-5pm Mind body spirit, Elescar

 Sat/sun 4-5 April 2020 

10-5pm Mind body spirit Mansfield

 Sat/sun 18-19 April 2020 

10-5pm Health & Healing Festival York

 Sat/sun 9-10th May 2020 

10-5pm Mind Body Spirit, Rugby

 Sat/sun 25-26 April 2020 

10-5pm The Spiritual Awakening Festival! Maidstone

 Sat/sun 16-17 th May 2020 

10-5pm Health & healing festival Manchester- Middleton

 Sat/sun 13-14th June 2020 

10-5pm Mind Body Spirit, Buxton

 Sat/sun 22-23 August 2020 

10-5pm Mind Body Spirit, Elsecar

 Sat/sun 22-23 August 2020 

10-5pm Mind Body Spirit, Elsecar

 Sat/sun 19-20 September 2020 

10-5pm  Health & healing festival Chester

 Sat/sun 26-27 September 2020 

10-5pm Mind Body Spirit- Manchester

 Sat/sun 17-18 October 2020 

10-5pm Mind Body Spirit- Mansfield