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Call Cassie for Shungite Questions Answered,  Product Advice,  Workshop Bookings   0776 270 3578

NR-CHI Workshops​

Would you like help to learn how to use Shungite to :

Reduce stress and anxiety?

Feel less physical and emotional pain?

Increase your confidence and self-esteem?

Improve your energy, motivation and mindset?

NR-CHI body + mind workshops are UNIQUE experiences that combine physical exercise with personal development & spiritual elements with shungite to energize and empower the Mind, Body and Soul.

Sonia will gently guide you using movement, music, motivation and Oraphim shungite meditation tools to become more self-aware and in tune with the natural energy field that surrounds the body.

These workshops will teach you how to be balanced and ‘in the moment’ helping to release trapped energy and emotions that have built up over time, leaving you feeling energized, pain free and more focused these sessions are available via Live Zoom link with Sonia there with you every step of the way.    You’ll take away valuable knowledge and tools to use in your daily life.

Next Steps to Transformation:

  1. Simply chose your ideal workshop to suite you: Sonia offers 1-2-1 as well as group sessions, 
  2. Purchase a Workshop and a Workshop kit 
  3. That's it!  Your ready to take the little step into a big development of miracles and magical transformations.

Sonia will then contact you to arrange your workshop at a time to suite you if it is a 1-2-1 or let you know the dates & times for the group sessions, as well as answer any questions you may have, or you can contact Sonia now on [email protected]

for more info before you book.

The NR-CHI Workshop Kit:

This unique Oraphim kit comprises of powerful shungite products that you will utilize as tools during the workshop to help 

harmonize the bodies natural energy field leaving you feeling instantly uplifted. 

These products will also keep you protected from all the harmful EMF frequencies that surround our living environment on a daily basis.

NR-CHI Workshop 1-2-1

Sonia's expert tuition and guidance for this session at a time to suite you, with the comfort of your own home via a zoom link for 2 hours

1-2-1 Session 2 Hours (web)

NR-CHI Workshop Group Session

Sonia's expert tuition and guidance for this session with others in an uplifting supportive group, with the comfort of your own home via a zoom link for 3 hours, these run regularly.

Group Session 3 Hours (web)


NR-CHI Workshop Kit

This NR-CHI Workshop Kit is all you need for your, NR-CHI body + mind workshop: Pop your 'Easy Earthers' in your shoes, your Water Transformer Toggle round your water bottle to get the healing purified water working and delivering energy to your body, pop your Pendant on and use the special shungite soap to wash away any negativity before your session, and Sonia will guide you through using your beautiful Pyramid for immersive energy work.

Clubercise UV Pendants

Glow UV Pendants

UV Glow Pendants

Each Pendant is completely unique in sparkle and glow, with silver infused shungite -which is the most powerful shungite for wifi protection, extra bounce and detox all in one!

With your pendant you also get a pair of 'Easy Earthers' to pop in your dancing shoes for even more bounce and a Shungite Water Transformer Toggle to purify the water in your Water bottle, even a muscle relief balm for after workout burn! - So a super little set to set you up for your Rave Work Out. Pendants are assorted in color selected at random for your kit.

UV Glow Pendant Kit (web)

NR-CHI Testimonials:

An exceptional workshop from Sonique it reinforced the gratefulness I try to practice every day and acknowledged the power we all hold within. I loved it and came away super positive and having learnt some great techniques for expelling negativity, stress and anxiety that we inevitably collect and carry round with us and for appreciating the amazing job our bodies do. It was so much fun to do, very uplifting. If this class was a food it would be a Superfood 😉, so good for you! Everyone should do this class at least once, it would be a great one also to do on a regular basis to keep you on track and balanced.

Lynne Montgomery

I booked an NR-CHI workshop to give my community fitness clients some love. It was absolutely outstanding. We were hooked from the minute it kicked off. Some clients had complete breakthroughs, some found out they had some areas they wanted to work on, EVERYONE left feeling like they knew themselves better. Uplifting & inspiring from start to finish.

Anna Martin

That was incredible 💗💗 You could literally feel the energy in the room, emotional, awakening, inspiring and so totally and utterly grounding. Thank you both so much. An uplifting experience that I wold recommend to everyone!

Hatty Coates