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Simple Shungite Sticker Solutions for modern technology usage 

with your health and wellbeing taken care of

Simple Solutions for our dependency and fascination with modern technology means no-one wants to crawl back to the cave....with these easy stickers the radiation and harmful frequency effects to the body are drastically reduced. 

Helping our must haves to be safer throughout the home and work place, with trial & family Packs available you've got everyone covered.

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What our customers are saying

5 out of 5 stars

I've stuck these on my electricity fuse box, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, wifi router ... and on other peoples too!

It's important to protect ourselves from being bombarded with unhealthy frequencies. This is one such easy way.

Maya Reddy on 14 Sep, 2018

Simple Shungite Solutions for Emf's & Mobile Devices

Our Shungite Stickers are the simplest way to reduce the harmful effects of Emf's coming from your electronic below are the links to take you to our Etsy store 'Oraphim' where it's super easy to purchase them, or contact us directly.

Stickers are also available to buy at our growing number of stockists, see our shops & Events Diary pages too.

FAMILY PACK  x12 stickers

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Trial Pack of Stickers (4)

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The Science Behind the Sticker Solution

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These stickers are to reduce & protect the user from the harmful EMF frequencies and radiation given off from mobile devices & to promote health, for this to be possible we super boost the shungites' active field, by putting it through a multi stage process, which includes staturating the pure shungite powder with an elite shungite ionic silver solution which has also been vortexed.


Where do you stick it?

Anywhere on the back of the device is good, because the shungite creates a 'field' which is interacting with the electrical 'field' of the phone/device

Do they need replacing or grounding?

No, because the shungite is not absorbing the Emf's- it is reversing the frequency

What is my device/phone is still getting hot?

Some larger phones/devices require more than one sticker, so if yours is still getting any heat after prolonged use, 

just add one or two stickers depending.

Where are other places to put the stickers on around the home?

All motorised/electrical devices benefit from having the normal electrical frequencies reversed...

for example: washing machines get more frothy!!!

Laptop chargers black box heat reduction

wifi router better internet signal.

How have you tested the effectiveness of the stickers?

Emf meters are uses to see the reduction in harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted

heat loss in prolonged use

physical symptoms such as itchy lumps appearing around the neck & face after mobile phone use stops

The conducting properties of shungite minerals create radio shielding and radio absorbing properties to reduce the levels of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency 10–30 GHz, and electric fields with a frequency of 50 Hz, this research is published by:

International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research Issue 3 volume 6, Nov.-Dec. 2013

The structure and composition of natural carbonaceous fullerene containing mineral shungite

Oleg Mosin1 and Ignat Ignatov2* 1 Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology, Moscow 119554, Russia 2 Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics, Sofia 1111, Bulgaria

Fullerenes were discovered in 1985 by laser irradiation of solid graphite [8Kroto, H.W., Heath, J.R. and O'Brien, S.C. (1985) C60: Buckminsterfullerene. Nature 318, 162–168.]. Later, fullerene like structures were observed not only in the graphite, but also in carbon soot formed in an arc electrical discharge on graphite electrodes, as well in shungite (0.001–0.0001% (w/w)) [9]. Crystal formed from fullerene molecules (fullerite) is a molecular crystal, a transitional form between the organic and inorganic matter.

Fullerenes are used in bio-nanotechnology, electronics, medicine, aerospace and military technology, in the manufacture of new technical products, new steels and ferroalloys, construction and composition materials, refractory materials, paints, as well as they are used in water treatment.

I hope that the extra science info is useful to you in understanding how beneficial shungite is to the user.

If you have any further questions please do get in touch

Magical Shungite Magnets

With the combination of the rare earth magnet and the silver infused shungite in resin, these magnets creating a fullerene field which is interacting with the electromagnetic field of the fridge/freezer appliances... there are some rather interesting results from this....

So the food in the fridge lasts much longer and the amount of electricity being used is less too.

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