Oraphim Shungite Pyramids

Pyramids made by Rich at Oraphim have everyone mesmerised! Having developed a unique style that is captivating, with the silver infused shungite base and semi precious and elite stones adding to the magic.

There are many amazing stories that come back to us from the new pyramid owners, these include a lady who said that she had an overnight transformation in energy, she had suffered from chronic fatigue for 25 years and woken up with energy ready to get on with her life!

Meditating with these powerful pieces is completely beneficial, with stories of sparks illuminating and journeys to the school for earthbound angels having their shungite lesson....where will you go with yours!

They are made in a variety of sizes, some with colour changing lights too!

Want to make your own, under the expert tuition from Oraphim..why not book on to a fantastic retreat  set in a log cabin in the National Forest click the link for Jane's details:


Great for gifts and personal development, Powerful with silver infused shungite for quantum field connecting

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