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Oraphim Ltd

Call Cassie for Shungite Questions Answered,  Product Advice,  Workshop Bookings   0776 270 3578

Deluxe Kit

Your Super Shungite Deluxe Starter Kit includes:

Oraphim pyramid 5.5cm height 

Oraphim Pendant 

Shungite Polished Stone x1

Shungite ELITE stone x1

Noble Shungite Powder 5g x1

Shungite & Poppy seed Organic soap bar 40g

Water transformer x4

Shungite magnet x4

Shungite silver infused Protection sticker for mobile/cell phone x9 pack

Shungite for water purification 50g + bag for bath

Easy Earthers /Grounding x3 Pair

Shungite Rescued Balm 30ml

+ Bag for popping some stones in the bath without losing them down the plug hole!

SHUNGITE 'Essentials' KITS

WIFI & 4G Protection Stickers x 3

(Ionic Silver Infused Shungite)

Shungite Stones for Water Purification 50 gms

Silver Shungite Fridge Magnet x2

Pair of Shungite Laminates for your Shoes!

2 water transformer toggles

10ml Shungite Rescued Balm (organic)

Plus a little bag for putting shungite stones in your Bath.

"This is my third order all of them came on time and beautifully packed. Products are very good quality and look just amazing! Thank you very much!" March 2020

Shungite Stickers x6

Can also be placed on the water in pipe on your washing machine, home plumbing pipes, fridge/freezer, router/modems, hair dryers & other electrical items and stuck inside your shoes too, for fullerenes to travel up your meridian system.....

"I’ve got one of your stickers on my laptop box as you recommended- honestly was sceptical but I can’t believe it’s not burning hot anymore!! Magic! Thanks for your help."

"Even more stunning in reality! Super fast posting, carefully packaged, very happy with purchase!" April 2020

Jewelry Set   #sparkle

Shungite Stone Pendant, Bracelet & Earrings with 'Oraphim Trinity Mix' powder layer with decoration.

3 x Shungite Stickers and pair of 'Easy Earthers'

A great gift set for your loved ones or an ideal treat for yourself too!                                               (Quartz crystal not included)

Jewelry Set #sparkle (web) USA $44.50

Postage Details & Returns Policy:

We send sticker orders Royal mail with 1 working day,

 Please contact us if your order is not with you within 3 weeks.

(there are still some delays to worldwide delivery's due to covid 19)