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Oraphim Online Store

Here's our Latest Presentation Video covering the massive amazing topic of Shungite:

Oraphim uses on-line market place selling platforms as well as here, to see the wide range of products we have listed there click the Etsy links below or see our items lower down on this page

We have created a range of products from our Silver infused Shungite, these products all have your protection and well-being at the heart of their making, the jewelry pieces extend & strengthen your vital field, dispel negativity, protect you from harmful frequencies and connect you to your greatest potential, through the amazing effects of Shungite.

4G & 5g and why shungite is considered the 

EMF & Radiation Solution:

  • 60ghrtz 5G is the frequency that boils water molecules inside the body (of everything): Shungite stops ‘Necrosis’ which is the overheating of the body's cells
  • Wifi frequencies damage the myelin sheath that is the coating for our bodies nervous system: Shungite is an anti-histamine, this repairs the myelin sheath that covers our nerves that are damaged by Electromagnetic frequencies
  • Within the telecommunications towers a ‘harmonizing filter’ (aka shunt/CoVFeFe) is used to correct the frequency of the damaging electromagnetic frequencies by reversing them, shungite reverses frequencies that have a left-hand direction to them to make them spin in line with nature, this creates harmony within the environment and the body.
  • Using Oraphim silver infused shungite makes your devices, that are emitting the received signals safe to be around.
  • Where there is an unnatural square wave spinning in opposition to nature, silver infused shungite creates perfect harmony sine waves that enhance positivity and well-being. 

Oraphim on Etsy (biggest range to choose from is on here)

Cloud Busters, shungite

Orgone was created by the development & work of Wilhelm Reich, who was an Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst, this technology has a variety out outcomes including clearing large radius of electromagnetic frequencies, environmental toxins, negative disturbances & timeline resetting too.

We integrate our Special Shungite & Silver solution to employ the quantum field activation in these technologies, creating a hugely powerful device that has a physical breeze of energy emitting out of the top of the pipes!!! powerful indeed.

Schuman (Earth) Frequency

It's interesting to record the frequency changes that occur when we are setting the cloudbusters...seems to be an amazing correlation.

We have had a variety of experiences with the cloudbusters, including the collecting and releasing of trapped negative entities from the grounds of a retreat center, the clearing of timelines from a vast area....more to come no doubt!

'Oraphim' Stocked in Shops

Choosing in person is a special treat especially as our pendants are so gorgeous, they really to add a special sparkle, so if your wanting to support yours or a friends health, a great way is with a pendant, or protecting your family with the Emf reducing stickers and support local independent businesses, here's a list of our currents stockists (thank you everyone) 

Sheffield: Airy Fairy (London Rd)

With a Cafe and oasis garden pop by and see what's in stock over a lovely cuppa & homemade cake

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Chesterfield: Curious Goods

A treasure trove of a magicial shop pop in and seek out our sparkleys here!

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Join us and get your shop linked here!

We offer great discounts and happy customers coming back tom your shop!

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Nottingham: Dash Vegan

A lovely selection to choose from and catch up with friends over a lovely lunch in the new cafe!

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