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Call Cassie for Shungite Questions Answered,  Product Advice,  Workshop Bookings   0776 270 3578

Oraphim's Teamed up to Get Shungite to You!

The Oraphim Range of Products has such astounding results that we have these 

excellent folks able to offer you support/advice and our products in a variety of places!


Jonidere (Singapore)

Jonidere have launched on Shopify with an excellent and well researched selection of products from a variety of global partners, including Oraphims range of Shungite Emf Quantum Solutions, offering great delivery & service to our Asian customers, Oraphim will be teaming up for regular live zoom sessions for product info Q & A's 

Meet Anwen Fryer

Airy Fairy (Sheffield UK)

Nestled among all the fantastic crafts and quality fairly traded goods from around the world Anwen stocks you will find an extensive range of Oraphim Jewelry, Pyramids and Body care range along side Shungite stones, Anwen also has an exclusive collection of Oraphim Pendants on her  Airy Fairy Ebay page too!

A gem of a shop we get to stock with totally unique pieces.

Meet Alex Barber

Positive Elevation

Alex has put together a fantastic range of products which have Oraphim Shungite as a fantastic staple with a wide selection.

Based in Sheffield (UK) Alex is available for home visits/consultations, market stalls and events.

Meet Selina Baggaley

Earth Gem Gifts 

Selina has a stunning collection of crystals and quality gift wears available along side her selection of Oraphim pyramids and jewelry at Ladybird Shopping Village, North Parade, Matlock Bath.

 Based in Derbyshire, Salina can also be found at Mind Body Spirit shows so you can choose and explore the range in person.

Meet Lauren (Madam Mushroom

Dread Funky

Laur​en is a fantastic seamstress/dress maker extraordinaire creating stunning bohemian styles with her unique eye for pattern and color design, she has incorporated Oraphim jewelry as fantastic powerful and accessories to accompany your happiness & well-be​ing.

Meet Susie Carvell

Alchemisty Organic Skincare

Susie is the most wonderful and talented potion & lotion maker, expertly combing our top grade shungite powder with the finest ingredients for life changing balms, salves & salts.

Susie is looking forward to be available for visitors to purchase from the full Oraphim range from her studio/shop in Whitney (Oxfordshire) in 2021 as well as taking the full range to her local fairs and events too.

See our page dedicated to Susie's shungite range on our website too.

Meet Curious Goods

Chesterfield (uk)

What a special find this hidden treasure is, deep in the little lanes in the heart of the town from where it radiates is loving heart and dedication for its service to deliver a wide range of esoteric wares including a select range of Oraphim Shungite Pendants, Pyramids, balms & stickers.

Join Us and add some Shungite magic to your Journey!

Everyone has a unique path to Shungite, here at Oraphim we help folks engage with it at a deep level, taking a magical journey to sharing it with others is really special & rewarding in so many ways, and help us get it out to creating health, happiness and a shungite reality!

Use the contact us page or the wholesale pages here

or on etsy we also have a wholesale section with great savings.