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We have created a range of products from our Vortexed Colloidal Silver infused Shungite, these products all have your protection and wellbeing at the heart of their making, the jewellery items extend your vital field, dispel negativity, protect you from harmful frequencies and connect you to your greatest potential, through the amazing effects of Shungite.

We have a great range of jewelry and Emf reduction products on our Etsy online store 

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Choosing in person is a special treat especially as our pendants are so gorgeous, they really to add a special sparkle, so if your wanting to support yours or a friends health, a great way is with a pendant, or protecting your family with the Emf reducing stickers and support local independent businesses heres a list of our currents stockists (thank you everyone) 

Sheffield: Airy Fairy (London Rd)

With a Cafe and oasis garden pop by and see what's in stock over a lovely cuppa & homemade cake

Website Link

Chesterfield: Curious Goods

A treasure trove of a magicial shop pop in and seek out our sparkleys here!

Facebook Link

Dronfield: The Dronfield Foot Clinic

A small selection of pendants are available at the clinic.

Facebook Link

Nottingham: Dash Vegan

A lovely selection to choose from and catch up with friends over a lovely lunch in the new cafe!

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Oraphim Shows around the Uk

We are always keen to take Shungite on the road, so we have teamed up with 'White Light Events' so you can come and meet us and see the beautiful unique pendants and range of products yourself, we offer a free 'Oraphim Music' CD to all purchases over £10 as a thank you for coming.

Below you can see our diary for fairs, markets & events as we extend our bookings.

Upcoming Shows

 Sat 27-28 July '19 

10-5pm Lincolnshire Well Being Show

 Sat 13th-4th July '19 

10-5pm - Leeds health & wellbeing Festival

 Sat/Sun 24/25 Aug '19 

10-5pm Elsecar Mind Body Spirit Event

 Sat 31-1st Aug-sep '19 

10-5pm Newstead abbey

 Sat 21 Sep '19 

10-5pm Wytches and Wizards Market - Milton Keynes A Celebration of Mabon

 Sat 28 Sep '19 

10-5pm Matlock Mind Body Spirit Event

 Sun 6 Oct '19 

10-5pm Long Eaton Mind Body Spirit Event

 Sat 12-13 Oct '19 

10-5pm Yule - Harrogate Health & Healing Festival

 Sat 26 Oct '19 

10-5pm Buxton Mind Body Spirit Event

 Sat/Sun 19/20 Oct '19 

10-5pm Chester Health Healing festival

 Sat 30 Nov '19 

10-5pm Yule - Matlock: Mind Body Spirit Event

 Sat/Sun16 Nov '19 

10-5pm Matlock Rainbow fayre

FAMILY PACK  x12 stickers

Enough for everyone...!!!

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Trial Pack of Stickers (4)

Only need a couple our latest packs contain 4 stickers

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Bulk Buy

Wholesale option: 35 Packs of 4 stickers for reselling

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Simple Solutions for our dependency and fascination with modern technology means no-one wants to crawl back to the cave....with these easy stickers the Heat, radiation and harmful frequencies are drastically reduced. Helping our must haves to be safer throughout the home and work place, with trial & family Packs available you've got everyone covered.

(see bulk buys page for lager orders and discounts available)

 All statements regarding our Shungite products are considered ‘anecdotal’ at this time.

Disclaimer: These Statements and any product made by us are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Magical Shungite Magnets

With the combination of the magnet and the shunite in resin creating a fullerene field which is interacting with the electromagnetic field of the fridge/freezer appliances... there are some rather interesting results from this....

So the food in the fridge lasts much longer amd the amount of electricity being used is less too.

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Seed of Life


Shungite Inlaid Sacred Geometry Pendant 40mm

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Tree of Life


Shungite with silver infused, Steel setting £36mm

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Flower of Life 


Shungite Inlaid Sacred Geometry Pendant 43mm

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Lots to choose from as we hold a large selection on our Etsy store

Click here for more Jewelry  options

See them shimmer in the light!

Dichroic Effect stunning unique jewelry

Elite grounding Protection & Vital field Tripling effect

Shungite Powder


Shungite is an amazing stone found in nature and is the only natural form of C60, in 1996 Professors Kroto, Smalley, & Curl were awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the ‘fullerene’ now found in Shungite, as well as there now being many more scientific studies proving its ability to clear toxins, electromagnetic fields and radiation, to kill bacteria, cleanse water and heal the body.

I can tell you what i do with it:

I am making art sculptures mixing it to paint, healing patches, and adding it to my body creams for faster healing, i am also making Organite with it as well ... just some ideas if you need them!!

bee's love it too!

Oraphim's special powder which has been infused with colloidal Silver, 

this process acts as a door stop to the quantum field, holding it open!


£8.50 Free P&P

 Certified Pure Powder 5g x3, includes an hint & tips sheet for usage ideas.

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£35 Free P&P

Includes the Certificate from the Manufacturer stating 'non- toxic' to humans, amazing for adding to orgonite.

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Oraphim's Special Shungite 3x5gm

£14 Free P&P

This is our own special shungite where we have added the extra proccess to it...High concentration of silver infusion, this process acts as a door stop to the quantum field, holding it open!

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Shungite bowl 10 cm

We source the highest quality solid shungite polished bowls, cups and stones so that you can experience the amazing and powerful forms within days of purchasing & hassle free shipping too, we do the waiting so you don't have too!

All the products we supply are coming directly from the manufacturing factory in Karelia, Zazhoginskoje, (certificated they have natural seams running through them.

Shungite bowl 10 cm

£35 (Free p&p)

Beautiful Polished Bowl

click here for Etsy listing to purchase

Shungite Polished Stones

Beautiful polished stones great as pocket stones, meditation & balancing.

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Shungite 'ELITE' Rare Earth Stones

With only 1% of the total Shungite deposit being 'Elite' Grade 1 Shungite it's super special and more powerful too.

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Cloud Busters for Environmental Emf and Negative Frequency Clearing

Made to order especially for you, contact us directly or click the link below

See our Etsy Listing here

Cloud Busters, shungite

Orgone was created by the development & work of Wilhelm Reich, who was an Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst, this technology has a variety out outcomes including clearing large radius of electromagnetic frequencies, environmental toxins & negative disturbances. 

We integrate our Special Shungite & Silver solution to employ the quantum field activation in these technologies, creating a hugly powerful device that has a physical breeze of energy emitting out of the top of the pipes!!! powerful indeed.

Cloud Busters: insights from Master Maker Richard

Part 1

Insights, instructions & surprising outcomes!

Part 2

Made to measure & made to order.

Protect your Environment: Paint Additive solution

Where we live, work and play are fundamental environments that should be safe and secure and happy, some people are finding the intrusive wifi and mobile network frequencies are making it impossible to meet these simple levels of existence, shungite can help, by adding this solution to your base coat and painting it on to your walls, you are adding reducing and protecting shungite into your life once and for all.