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Testimonials Page

Thank you to Everyone who has given us feedback on our Oraphim range, it truly inspires us to know shungite has made such a difference to others, so here's our testimonials page (page still in progress)

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Amazing Quality- Fit & Finish, Very effective Pyramid- THANK YOU

One of my rescue rabbits has ongoing teeth issues and needs them burred every 4/6 weeks. I placed this pyramid in his home and he hasn't needed them filed for 4 months now.. I will be using shungite for all my sick rescues. 😊 thank you.

Beautiful pyramids! This is my third order all of them came on time and beautifully packed. Products are very good quality and look just amazing! Thank you very much!

shungite Pyramids Oraphim


Beautiful necklace, mesmerizing. I love wearing it. It's so unique, everyone who sees it wants to know about it. Thank you team Oraphim. Love it!

A beautifully crafted jewelry set. The earrings are fantastic, I have sensitivities to heavy metals in costume jewelry, sometimes even earrings that are labeled as pure silver or premium steel. I was surprised that I could wear these earrings without experiencing any reddening of the skin regardless of how long I would wear them. They have also significantly reduced the headaches I used to get around electronics. 5/5 🌟

I really love this pendant and the energy I am getting from the design and the shungite. It just looks so beautiful when I am wearing it. So gorgeous.

I love this necklace. The design is so intricate and I have the gentle energy of shungite incorporated into it. I just love shungite and was so pleased to find someone using it coupled with sacred geometry. The shop was very efficient indeed.

I love this necklace. It's absolutely beautiful and I have had the most vivid meditations when wearing it. Also arrived within a couple of days of ordering and I received some free shungite phone stickers room. Thank you


Works great on my daughter's eczema Thank you!

Thanks for everything! Great customer service and the items seem to be the highest quality.

Thank you for the super fast shipping, I received it much sooner than expected. This stuff is absolutely AMAZING! One of the only things that actually works for inflammation due to my lupus & eczema rashes. It aids in quick pain/itch relief, fast healing, and smells wonderful and absorbs so nicely. I love using this alone and also mixing it with other products for extra benefits. This shop has such awesome products & the customer service is outstanding! Thank you so much, Cassie!!! 

Great high quality product. Works really well for joint pain. Shipped fast and very nice seller.

This is the best on bug bites! The sting/itch instantly goes away!

Nice product. Goes on smooth with nice fragance. It's definitely doing something! Thanks, Brie

This product is absolutely amazing. I've been juggling with atopic dermatitis following an ongoing itch...inflammation gone, itching gone...haven't had a use for benadryl in almost a week. Thank you

love it! works as a lip balm, scar treatment, to heal chapped lips, on/inside the nostrils, keeps insect bites from itching and of course as an overall balm for dry/sensitive/itchy skin and a huge thank you for the beautiful gift! love it :)

really great! it made my scars fade much more and keeps the healing itchiness away. already ordered backup :)

Very happy with this item. It smells amazing and my it's so nice on my skin. When getting items like this you always want to test how effective they are in helping you. I was bitten by a mosquito in London on my hand, super itchy as we all know, i applied the cream, and after 3 minutes i totally forgot i was ever bitten. I just got back from Paris as was bitten twice there too, the cream i'm sure has many many amazing uses, but i can confirm for me, and these mosquito bites it works perfectly. It's a must to keep with you. Would recommend and order again from this wonderful store. Thank you :)

Oraphim shungite soap


This is awesome soap . Its smells wonderful , and seriously clears & cleans on all levels. Many thanks

Really fast delivery of all my items. very impressed! The balm and soap are AMAZING! Soap is very silky soft, a pleasant, gentle fragrance and have to say, my skin looks and feels great. Balm is ultra soothing for dry, red skin patches. Will definitely be back for a lot more.

I first had this as a free sample with a different purchase and it was amazing I had to order more! I have a lot of freckles and irritated skin but after 3 days if use my freckles have minimalised and skin feels great. Thank you x

Thank you. Very nice soap with beautiful fragrance. The skin is soft and delicious after washing with this soap

Water Transformer Toggles

'I had staph infection in my nose for months in the end I took antibiotics as it wasn’t shifting it went then returned.I went to doctor Saturday morning started drinking the water, by Sat evening I noticed my nose was healing rapidly no other explanation other than the shungite Toggle!' Zoe

This is an excellent invention!

Fantastic, absolutely love how these work. Great product and speedy delivery. Many thanks!

Put this around my water bottle for purification and detox. My skin looks better don’t know if it’s the benefit but will continue to drink and keep you posted. Thanks again. X

Great product! I have one around all my water bottles and I also use one as my hair tie! Thank you so much! 

Thank you for this. Our tap water looks and tastes so much better.

shungite stones

Powder & Stones

 'I've used the shungite in the bath and that blew me away I always have sea salt baths and I added the shungite to the bath water in the little bag I've never felt anything like the difference in the water quality it actually felt as if the water had changed it had a different consistency with it more silky consistency and I have to say having come out of the bath I feel amazing calm peaceful serene happy and so cleansed it's a cleansing I've never felt before or experienced'

Super Fast delivery! Does exactly what it say s on the tin lol Hope to use this for multiple purposes ie Save the Bees , will be adding to paint for my garden fence for EMF protection , list is endless . Many thanks

Beautiful stones and super speedy delivery.

Really great quality shungite powder and fast delivery too! Thank you :)

Fantastic energy! Super fast posting, carefully packaged, very happy with purchase! 5* Etsy sellers, thank you x

Highly Vibrational. Thanks a million.

Really Amazing results. Highly recommend for many physical ailments. Bless u guys for such a product. 5 STAR GENUINE Seller.

Eye Masks

Beautifully relaxing soothing energy. Helps with such a deep healing sleep and remembering my dreams! Many thanks

Noticed a better nights sleep already! Super fast posting, carefully packaged, very happy with purchase! 5* Etsy sellers, thank you x

Oraphim shungite eyemask

Pet Tags & Cat Collars

Normally my cats do not like wearing collars but they love these!! They look so content and relaxed and i cant wait for all the positive effects it will have on them. I'm very happy with all the products:)

The tags & collars are adorable, the cats have never like wearing collars and always find a way to take them off. But they haven’t even try with this.

This is Merlin, an old adoptee cat we have been trying to nurse back to health. He was deathly sick and thin to the bones when we first adopted him. To help him heal we gave him a normal shungite collar for the most part of the last half year and it helped him with multiple problems, some disappearing completely and keeping the inflammation level in check. He's been wearing his new pretty collar for a week now and all the positive effects we witnessed with the non silver infused shungite have been doubled. Most notably in terms of energy level. I really recommend this to anyone who either wishes to keep their pets from getting sick or help them cure from illness! Not only does it look great but also works undeniably well in phases when pets need assistance!

I saw an immediate change in my dawg when I attached this to his collar. There is a spark in him that wasn't there before. I am happy to have Oraphim here. D Haber

Shungite Magnets

Safely arrived in carefully package. Straight away stick to my refrigerator, mini trampoline metal legs which I found make me feel more lighter when doing my exercises bcos of shungite effect

As advertised! Cute magnets. Thanks!

shungite showerhead oraphim fullerenes

Shower Head with Shungite

i got it best shower i had in forever, i love it. Ariel

I love my Shungite shower head best thing I have used for my skin and hair love it.

Would buy again🖤. The item is worth more than the money it costs since it targets to better my health. I got a piece of shungite soap as a gift, and I think that everyone who is even considers of buying it should buy it

This shit legit takes all containment’s from the water and allows you to take a clean shower and absorbed all the benefits from essential oils and Shungite 

Shungite Stickers

Cant believe it, but our internet speeds are much faster, and i can now answer my phone at my desk, could not do that before my shungite sticker!

Thank got them on time and I love it my mobile no longer heats up although I had to use 2 sticker on my Huawei Pro20 will purchase more

Great product! I used my pendulum to test the stickers and it does make them spin. There is good energy there. I plan to purchase more.

I appreciate my stickers and the special gift for my shoes. I had to put 3 stickers on my Galaxy 8 plus in order for me to no longer feel pain in my hands. I can use my phone pain free.

This are great I can notice a difference in my office environment, and great value for money too.

Arrived super fast. On my phone already & doesn't seem to be getting so hot 🖤 A great price too Thankyou

Thank you so much! My phone is no longer overheating, and I mentally feel more protected! ♥️