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Call Cassie for Shungite Questions Answered,  Product Advice,  Workshop Bookings   0776 270 3578

Would you like to experience the joy of sharing 

the benefits of Shungite through selling?

Our unique Shungite range is a joy to pass on to others, we offer a number of great starter kit options, if you would like to sell our beautiful products in your shop/stall 

or if you just wish to take advantage of bigger discounts for yourself & friends.

We hand pick our bulk orders and only send top quality items always, 

our range of jewelry is always growing too, so getting the latest gems is guaranteed.

For our wholesale price list please contact us through the contact us form

ReSellers Kits: Special Offer:

15 x mixture of dichroic/plain black/inlaid: flower, seed/tree of life, sri yantra (RRP £10-20 per piece)

2 x Medium Pyramids + 8x Small Pyramids (RRP £15-£40)

10 x 50 gm water purification stones (RRP £7 per 50gm) (also comes  with bag for the bath)

20 Packs of phone stickers (3 stickers per pack) (RRP £5)

20 Water/Wine Transformer

20 Shungite Stones (10 Elite and 10 Tumbles)

20 Fridge Magnets

5x 30ml Balms & 10 x 10ml Balms & 10 Lip Balm

10 Bars Of Soap

Info display board

Total £399.00 (Free P&P to UK)

Resellers Kit