Would you like to experience the joy of sharing the benefits of Shungite through selling?

Our unique Shungite range is a joy to pass on to others, we offer a number of great starter kit options, if you would like to sell our beautiful products in your shop/stall 

or if you just wish to take advantage of bigger discounts for yourself & friends.

We hand pick our bulk orders and only send top quality items always, 

our range of jewellery is always growing too, so getting the latest gems is guaranteed.

ReSellers Kits: Special Offer:

15 x mixture of dichroic/plain black/inlaid: flower, seed, tree of life, sri yantra (RRP £10-16 per piece)

2 x Medium Pyramids + 8x Small Pyramids

10x 50 gm water purification stones (RRP £8 per 50gm) (also comes Bag for the Bath & info/instructions leaflets)

20 Packs of phone stickers (3 stickers per pack) (RRP £5 per pack already priced

(or i can send on the larger info card which has no price so you can add your own..)

20 Water/Wine Transformer

20 Shungite Stones (Elite and Noble)

20 Fridge Magnets

5 x 30ml Balms

Total £499.00 (Free P&P to UK)

Contact us directly for this special offer price