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Call Cassie for Shungite Questions Answered,  Product Advice,  Workshop Bookings   0776 270 3578

Oraphim Shungite Pendants

Oraphim Shungite Jewelry

Enchanting Portal Pendants

Workshop: Decorate Your Own Stunning Pendants

' A wonderful & informative experience with lovely people. i am very glad i came, the mediation with the shungite was very nice and the process of making the jewelry was very relaxing and fun, i had a fantastic time, 100% recommend!'

Love what we do? Fancy having a go?

Book Us To Come To Run A Workshop For You....

Covid 19 restrictions DO NOT apply to educational courses so we are available!

We lead you through with expert tuition: You creating your own stunning versions of our Oraphim shungite Jewelry, accompanied by Richard Spray playing gently on Guitar in 432htz to aid a truly relaxing learning & creative experience.

With all the benefits of the silver infused shungite but with your own personal creative expression and magical i did it feelings, and we gift you a free pyramid to take home as well.

All materials are included for you to make as many pendants as you like.

Shungite is the stone that removes all toxins/energizes/detox's/tunes chakras, with this workshop you will also learn how to get the best out of your shungite with helpful tips and use guides as well for purifying water and home environments, with Oraphim who have been leading the way with innovative and simple to implement devices to boost wellness instantly.

Booking requires around 10 people @ £50 each for a 4 hour creative experience where you will make many stunning pieces to keep or share with your loved ones. (uk based)

contact us to see about availability and pricing

Discounts available for mid week bookings or smaller groups at your home tuesday-thursday bookings only

Contact Cassie on 0776 270 3578 to Book your Magical Session NOW

'Decreased in pain, increased in mood, I CAN be creative! Great atmosphere, fab people'

Missing a loved one and want to connect?

Oraphim can incorporate some ashes from your loved ones with our shungite into a pyramid and jewelry, we can guide you to feel the emitting frequency so you can connect instantly.

We are available for your family & friends to attend a session where you all can take away your own beautiful creations having had a beautiful day together. 

Pets Pyramids Made for You

We can also provide our services for your long loved pets.

Richard will produce you a unique & stunning pyramid with the ashes of your fury family member and have that shipped back to you by recorded mail to anywhere in the world.

You will need to send us a small amount of the ashes and if you would like any photos incorporated as well to us (once we receive your order we will supply the postal address)

Once the Pyramid is polished we will send it out to you recorded delivery this process can take up to 4 weeks to finish.

Every care and attention would be taken to produce you a pyramid to reflect your unique and special pet.

Pets Pyramid Commission

Unique Pyramid incorporating your pets ashes, connect and remember through the powerful shungite energy. 

Pets Pyramid